Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coffee Wars!

I am wondering what is transpiring in my congregation. I think a Coffee War is brewing. (pun intended)
I had one of my younger members come up to me and ask why we always have decaf coffee at every event and not regular. I explained that the ones making the coffee have health and age issues where caffeine is not a good thing.
His take on it is that we are being insensitive to the younger crowd and not very welcoming. He then declared that he would be setting up a caffenated pot of his own for those who want the leaded variety.
I am surprised. Personally, I think that if a coffee war is to be fought, it should be fought with coffee snobbery... you know "my bean is better than your bean." We'll see how all this plays out. My vote is for regular coffee to be included, but I rarely ever get a vote.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Quest for Holiness

I have recently undertaken the joyful task of again reading Koberle's "The Quest For Holiness." I recently had to remove all of my books and other belongings from my office so that the Board of Trustees could repaint. Now that they have finished, I am back in and have reshelved my books.

While sorting through my books I came across this book again. The reason I paused when shelving it was that a friend of mine had recently heard Rev. Jonathan Fisk speak of it and this friend had asked if I had a copy. I do indeed have a copy and will send it his way... that is once I am done with it once more.